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Mindfulness-based group programmes are designed to support you integrate mindfulness and self-compassion more fully into your day to day life. Mindfulness one-on-one coaching offers individually tailored care plans to optimise your physical, emotional and mental health.

Tai Chi & Qi Gong meditation in motion courses assist somatic integration while enhancing relaxation, improving mind-body balance and increasing resilience.

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We offer complementary health care for individuals and groups in the Wellington region and online. We specialise in mindfulness-based interventions, somatic practices and Tai Chi & Qi Gong meditation in motion. The approach we take is person-centered and trauma-informed. Choose from a range of courses, programmes and care plans to meet your specific needs.

Develop skills to bring mindfulness and ease more fully into your everyday life. Half-day mindfulness and self-compassion group courses, Mindfulness Coaching and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction programmes are available in person. One-on-One Mindfulness Coaching is also offered online.

Our Tai Chi & Qi Gong meditation in motion courses teach you the importance of presence, balance and grounding. With practice, mindfulness deepens and somatic awareness grows, flexibility and strength increases and you will naturally feel more relaxed and become resilient.

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