Mindfulness Tai Chi reflects an approach to teaching and learning based on the importance of presence, central equilibrium, grounding and relaxation. Our ability to sense and respond effectively to what is occurring in our internal and external environment improves. With practice and time mindfulness deepens and somatic awareness grows, flexibility and strength increases and we naturally become more relaxed, balanced and resilient.

The Tai Chi Introductory Course is suitable for adults only and it is a prerequisite for joining our Tai Chi Ongoing Course.

Wellington Course starts on the 8th September 2019, 4 pm

Kapiti Coast Course starts on the 10th September 2019, 9.15 am

Porirua Course starts on 11th September 2019, 7pm



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This course includes:

6 sessions (6-week course)

Tai Chi loosening exercises

Tai Chi form practice

Mindfulness sitting meditation

Outcomes from the course:

Enjoy a calm, clear and concentrated way of being

Cultivate presence

Improve balance, flexibility and strength

Feel more relaxed, cope better with stress

Build resilience and boost well-being

Mindfulness Tai Chi offers a way of deepening your connections with yourself in a relaxed, fun and supportive learning environment.



Enquiries regarding low-wage
and unwaged rates welcome.

Session Length

75 minutes

No. of Sessions

Newtown Acupuncture, 82 Riddiford Street, Newtown, Wellington
Mazengarb Reserve Sports Complex Hall, Scaife Drive, Paraparaumu
Whitirea Porirua Campus, 3 Wi Neera Drive, Porirua

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