Develop mindfulness and free yourself from automatic and unhelpful patterns of thinking and responding. Based on the MBSR programme, the One-on-One course provides a foundation to integrate mindfulness into daily life to maintain mind-body balance, benefit health and increase well-being on an ongoing basis.


One-on-One Mindfulness Coaching is now available online for adults seeking relief from coronavirus-anxiety, -depression and -fatigue.

This course includes:

Individually tailored mindfulness meditation practices, including mindfulness of breathing and the body, mindfulness of the mind, gentle stretching and mindful yoga

Developing greater balance, increased well-being, and peace of mind

Exploring mindful eating and mindful walking

Discovering how mindfulness as a practice enhances awareness in everyday life

Cultivating the ability to cope more effectively with both short- and long-term stress

Outcomes from the course:

Realize the value of being present to your experience

Learn skills to enhance your health and well-being

Find lasting relief from physical and psychological distress

Access your inner resources to better face challenges and effectively deal with stress

Free yourself of unhealthy habits

Gain greater ease, balance and enthusiasm for life

Pricing for 6 sessions


(includes all materials)

Pricing for 1 session


Session Length

55 minutes

Tui Health Clinic, 6/75 Ghuznee St, Wellington or Online.

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